In English - Eteläsuomalainen osakunta

Who are we?

Eteläsuomalainen osakunta (ESO, ”Nation of Southern Finland”) is a student organisation within the University of Helsinki. Originally founded by Finnish-speaking students from the province of Uusimaa, nowadays we are open to anyone with ties to Helsinki, the Greater Helsinki region or the larger historical province of Uusimaa. Students are free to join whichever nation they want – we highly recommend ESO!

We offer our members a home-like community with a host of different activities, including parties, traditional academic sitsit, excursions, sports and cultural activities among others. Twice a week, every Monday and Thursday, members get together to hang around and enjoy the food made by our lovely kitchen crew. Our numerous clubs also organise activites and events for the members. Beer tasting? Haute cuisine? Book club? Board games? Films? Beer pong? A chance to go visit our friend organisations in Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Sweden? We have all that, and more! Our comfy premises are located in the very centre of Helsinki, on the 4th floor of the New Student House.

While we are within the University of Helsinki, we also accept members from other universities and universities of applied sciences in the capital region. Our members come from practically all fields of study with varying academic ages. With us, every new member is a fresher. Even if you have already passed your first year of study, you will get to experience a second fresher autumn with us!

ESO is one of the 15 student nations within the University of Helsinki, all representing different parts of Finland. The first student nation, Nylands Nation, was established in 1643. Founded for students from the Uusimaa province, Finnish-speaking members of the nation broke away in 1905 to establish Eteläsuomalainen osakunta for Finnish-speaking students of the province.

Want to join?

Interested? Come check us out!

You can come sign up on Mondays and Thursdays during our office hours, from 3pm to 7pm. Our membership fee is 12 euro a year, and it can be paid by card or cash.

Not quite sold yet? Come visit on a Monday or a Thursday at 7pm, enjoy the food and get to know us. The reception is guaranteed to be warm!

Contact Us

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us at

New Student House, Mannerheimintie 5 A, office hours 3pm-7pm